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Volleyball League Information
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Victory Lane Sports Park features 8 lighted, white sand volleyball courts.  We offer leagues for all skill levels, from recreational to competative.
Details about our leagues are outlined below. For further information and league start dates, please call 623-581-6000 or email
League Information and Registration forms are available for download at the bottom of this page.
Victory Lane Sports Park is a recreational facility. All individuals participating in recreational activities within the complex do so at their own risk. Victory Lane will not be held responsible for injuries sustained while participating in such activities.
League Fees:
6 Person Team
League Fee: $150.00
Sales Tax on League Fee: $12.90
Total League Fee: $162.90
4 Person Team
League Fee: $125.00
Sales Tax on League Fee: $10.75
Total League Fee: $135.75
  • A completed registration form and league fees are due at time of registration.
  • Openings will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • If your first league choice is not available, you will be contacted with an alternative or your money will be refunded.
  • Any team withdrawing from a league 4 days prior to the first league date will be refunded all league fees. Teams withdrawing after the 4 day cut-off will receive a refund minus $25.
  • Payment must be submitted by the team manager. Individual payments from team members will not be accepted.
  • A $35 fee will be charged for all returned checks. The $35 returned check fee and league fees must be paid in full before the offending team will be permitted to play.
  • Click to download Registration Form
  • Completed rosters are due on the first night of play. Teams will not be permitted to play without a completed roster. Rosters can only be changed by team captains. Rosters cannot be edited after the 3rd week of the session.
  • Roster requirements:
    • 6s: Minimum 6 / Maximum 12
    • 4s: Minimum 4 / Maximum 8
  • All players participating in Victory Lane sanctioned league play are required to sign a waiver. Any player that has not submitted a waiver form will not be permitted to play.
  • Team managers will be responsible for ensuring all team members have submitted waiver forms.
League Format:
  • Seasons run 8 weeks, with tournament on the 9th week. Prizes will be awarded to playoff winners.
  • Victory Lane reserves the right to alter league formats based on teams per league. League start dates may be delayed or altered based on teams per league.
  • Match games will be scheduled in a round-robin format and will use side-out scoring. Games will be unofficiated and league rules may be modified by the league director. If team captains cannot agree on a call, the serve will be replayed.
  • If your team intends to forfeit a match, the team captain must call the league office (623-581-6000) 24 hours prior to the match. 24 hour notice is required to notify the opposing team.
  • Teams giving less than 24 hours notice will owe a $25 forfeit fee. Offending teams will not be permitted to play until the forfeit is paid.
  • Teams with two or more forfeits in a league session will not be permitted to return to league play.
Returning Team Deadline:
  • Returning team deadline (RTD) is on the eighth night of every session. Teams registering by this deadline will be guaranteed a position in the subsequent league. All registrations received after the deadline will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Players must be 18 years of age to participate without consent. Players younger than 18 may participate with written consent (forms available in the Main Office).
Free Agents:
  • Individual players interested in joining a team may list themselves on our free agent list located in the Main Office, on the player forum, or email
Inclement Weather:
  • Games cancelled due to weather will be made up. Team managers will be contacted in the event of a cancellation. Game status will be available on our schedule hotline and at our website.
League Schedules:
  • League schedules will be available 1 week prior to the first night of play. Team captains will be contacted with game times. Schedules will also be available in the Main Office and at our website.
The following league divisions will be available:
  • Coed 6s: Coed 6 teams must have an equal number of men and women, if six players are on the court. Teams can play with less than six players**. Player rotation remains in effect regardless of number of players.
  • Coed 4s: Coed 4s must have an equal number of men and women, if six players are on the court. Teams can play with less than four players**.
  • Men, Women, 6s & 4s: Women league matches are played with nets set at womens net height. Men leagues are played on mens height. See league rules for player requirements.
** See League Rules for details on team composition
League Level Descriptions:
  • Recreational (Level C): This league is just what it sounds like. A little experience is necessary, but everyone is sure to have fun.
  • Intermediate (Level B): At this level you know what Bump Set Spike means. You also have a basic understanding of team strategy. If you are looking to learn or improve upon these skills, this level is for you.
  • Competitive (Level A): Players should have a firm understanding of the game and their strengths and weaknesses. This level of play is highly competative. Skill improvement is still an objective.
** New leagues are continuously forming. For info, email
Volleyball League Forms:
Click to download Waiver League Registration League Rules
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